Brad on His Kids: 'I Feel Rich' Being Around Them

Brad Pitt is really proud of his family, even though he isn’t too comfortable talking about them.

On “The Today Show,” the “Benjamin Button” star and dad of six said he feels that somehow things get cheapened when he talks about his personal life.

“There’s no way to give it true validity and weight and what it means to you in your life and it seems to get cheapened somehow as it goes through the filters and airwaves and some things you just want to keep close to the chest,” he said.

Still, Pitt said that he could understand the curiosity surrounding his diverse family.

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“Listen, I will say this. I’m really proud of this family. I mean like, you know, I look at my sons and my daughters and one’s from Vietnam and one’s from Cambodia and one’s from Ethiopia and there’s this kid born in Namibia and they are playing – brothers and sisters man – fighting and going into hysterics and messing with their parents and keeping me up late. I feel rich. I feel rich being around them. Each one of them offers so much to the mix.”

Pitt also said that a parent’s love for an adopted child is “automatic” and in no way different than the love for a biological child.

He and partner Angelina Jolie – whose culinary skills, according to a report in the U.K.’s Sun, don’t go much beyond cereal – would certainly know a thing or two about adopting, and Pitt says it would be up to the kids whether or not the couple will tie the knot.

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But the interview wasn’t all about love, and quickly turned to hate when Pitt was asked about the paparazzi.

“I hate them. I hate these people. I don’t understand what they do for a living. We’ve got to make a distinction between people who photograph celebrities at events and people who climb over your walls or wearing camouflage and calling out your kids' names as you try to take them to school so they’ll look that way … I have no respect for these people … there should be laws against it.”'s Allison A. McGevna contributed to this report.