Man Wakes Wife From 10-Year Coma by Biting Toes

A Chinese man says he woke his wife of 27 years from a coma by biting her toes, reports.

"I played the radio, sang and talked to her, even tickled her, but nothing worked," Zhang Kui, of Shenyang, China, told the Liao Sheng Evening Post. "I then recalled someone saying that the feet are the home for many nerves. I wondered if I could wake her up by biting her feet."

His wife, Lv Fengshuang, fell into a coma after suffering a head injury in an industrial accident.

Zhang Kui bit his wife's toes regularly for the past decade until she suddenly squeezed his wrist, according to the report.

She can now move her arms and smile, but is unable to speak.

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