Yahoo! searches for missing toddler Caylee Anthony and her jailed mother, Casey, were the second-most sought-after terms on the search engine in 2008.

In the results, released Monday, only "hurricanes" topped the duo, according to

The news comes as the grandparents of the missing toddler held a candlelight vigil for Caylee.

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The Kid Finders Network and George and Cindy Anthony, the grandparents of Caylee Anthony, hosted the event at the Eastside Baptist Church in Orlando Sunday evening.

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The couple's daughter, 22-year-old Casey Anthony, has been charged with first-degree murder and faces life in prison if convicted of killing Caylee. She has pleaded not guilty.

The Orlando tot was last seen on or around June 16, but her mother did not report her missing until July.

The child's grandmother first called authorities in July to say she hadn't seen Caylee for a month and her daughter's car smelled like death.

Caylee's remains haven't been found, despite numerous searches.

Anthony told authorities she left her daughter with a baby sitter in June and the two were gone when she returned from work. She says she spent the next month trying to find Caylee and didn't call police because she was scared. Investigators have repeatedly said they don't believe Anthony's story.

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