Abandoned Baby Bats Rescued in Wake of Raging Storms in Australia

Wildlife experts are desperate for help after storms caused grey-headed flying foxes to abandon about 300 babies in the Gold Coast hinterland.

For the past week, carer Trish Wimberley has been collecting babies from Canungra suffering from hypothermia and dehydration. Some are fly blown.

About 50 have been farmed out to carers in Brisbane and Toowoomba to relieve pressure on about 60 Gold Coast carers and volunteer veterinarians who are working around the clock, feeding every four hours.

"It's a mammoth task and we keep falling behind," Ms Wimberley said.

"Normally, female flying foxes will go to the ends of the earth to save their babies so for this to occur, they are really in dire straits."

Her group, Wildcare Australia, is seeking donations of any fruit except citrus, juices, Karicare baby formula and packets of yellow duster cloths.

Anyone who can help should phone Wildcare on (07) 5527 2444.

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