British Playboy Convicted of Throwing Model Girlfriend Off Cliff

Thirteen years after a young model's body was found at the bottom of a 180-foot cliff in Sydney, her British boyfriend has been convicted of her murder.

Caroline Byrne's family wept with relief today as the New South Wales Supreme Court found Gordon Wood, 45, guilty of throwing his lover to her death off Sydney's notorious suicide spot, The Gap.

The conviction has ended years of speculation about the death of the 24-year-old model, whose body was found wedged head first into rocks at the base of the sheef cliff-face in June, 1995.

The jury found that Wood, the former chauffeur to Australia's most well-known stockbroker, had killed his lover because he was worried she would leave him and reveal damaging details about his employer.

The 13-year case involved allegations of corporate fraud against Rene Rivkin, a flamboyant stockbroker, an international police hunt and a five year investigation culminating in two trials.

Throughout the high profile trial, at which some of Sydney's biggest names in business, politics and show business gave evidence, Wood maintained that his lover was suffering from depression, and had killed herself.

But a string of witnesses told the court that Wood was terrified Byrne was planning to leave him and make public damaging information about the personal and business life of his boss, Rivkin. Rivkin killed himself in 2005 after being found guilty of insider dealing.

Wood, who was born in Britain and holds dual Australian and British citizenship, moved to Switzerland where he lived quietly in Megeve, a skiing village, for some years. He has worked as an actor, an aerobics instructor and man-about-town with beautiful women on his arm, The Daily Mail reported.

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