Jackman's First Girlfriend Found! Says Young Hugh Tried to Kiss Her

Women around the world are swooning over newly crowned "sexiest man alive" Hugh Jackman, but Martine Bruce remembers the time she knocked him back.

"I remember him chasing me around the playground, trying to kiss me," she said.

Jackman named Martine this week as his first girlfriend.

Jackman, whose popularity is about to soar even higher alongside Nicole Kidman in Australia, recalled picking Martine up after she fell in a running race at primary school.

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"My dad said, 'Oh, I always knew you were romantic because you were running in a race and Martine fell over and you stopped and went back and picked her up'. Chivalry was there," Jackman said.

Now married, the Sydney mother of three said she couldn't recall the running race.

But she did remember the young Jackman as a gentleman.

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