Shape Up Your Stash, 'Burn or Beard

Good news for you scruffy guys, facial hair is making a major comeback. So, if you're looking for a new way to shape your stash, 'burn or beard, check out these 7 styles from the experts at Freemans Sporting Club Barbershop. They're much cooler than your "I forgot to shave" signature look.

Style 1: Errol Flynn
For the swashbuckling yet refined gent in you, this thin pencil mustache is guaranteed to evoke jealousy in the hearts of men and make women weak at the knees. This look perfectly portrays the feel of the suave and debonair kind.
Style 2: Conquistador
Refurbish your style with the Conquistador. Popular with the Spanish warrior kind, this manicured mustache with cropped beard demands respect and exudes confidence. Ideal for saving damsels or conquering foreign lands.
Style 3: Doc Holliday
No need to be a saloon keeper, miner or gun-wheeling gambler to sport this stash. The Doc Holliday is just shy of the traditional Handle Bar, shorter and tighter, minus the curled ends, but accompanied by a manicured Labrett. Suits the urban cowboy well.
Style 4: Walk of Shame
Not strictly a girl's dishonorable swagger, men too can march in disgrace. The male telltale sign is often a 5'o'clock shadow sported at 7am. A controlled form of scruff, this uber-close beard says "I just rolled out of bed." The man that exhibits this look pulls off the carefree, not trying too hard vibe (but is.)
Style 5: Labrett
Also known as a Soul Patch, the Labrett became famous in the 1960s…popular with jazz musicians and cool cats. This small patch of hair just below the lower lip and above the chin says swank in a down town sort of way.
Style 6: Hells Angels
The ultimate chopper's accessory, these large, coarse, ultra-bushy sideburns are as necessary as a leather jacket. Better known as Mutton Chops, the Hells Angels' style of sideburns are half-way to a full beard. Hot biker chick not included.
Style 7: Frat Boy Special
Few things beat a quick game of beer pong and seersucker pants. When it comes to facial hair, your look of choice? The traditional goatee—a small, detailed tuft of hair on the chin—popular with rockers and jocks alike. Bring on the keg-stand and a Red Sox's game.

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