'Second Life' Affair Leads to Real-Life Divorce

A British couple have divorced after the husband was caught having a "virtual affair" with a female character in an online role-playing game.

David Pollard and Amy Taylor met in an online chat room in 2003 and married after discovering a shared love of the Internet game "Second Life."

In the game, players create characters known as avatars, which then interact with others in a virtual world.

To his wife's horror, Pollard's interaction included virtual infidelity with a female character playing the role of a prostitute.

Taylor said Thursday that her husband had been guilty of the "ultimate betrayal," even though he had never met the real person behind his online affair.

Pollard, whose "Second Life" character is called "Dave Barmy" ("Barmy" is British slang for "crazy") and Taylor, who calls herself "Laura Skye," apparently spent as much of their marriage interacting on "Second Life" as they did in the real world.

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