Dubai Hotel Releases 'Etiquette Guide' After Sex on Beach Scandal

One of Dubai’s most popular beach hotels has issued an "etiquette guide" to guests after a British couple was convicted last month for having sex on the beach near the hotel.

The etiquette guides, which suggest the hotel’s guests could be arrested for inappropriate public displays of affection, are left on tables during the weekly brunch event at the Madinat Jumeirah hotel.

The guests should "employ discretion" in expressing affection publicly, says the hotel, with "anything more than a peck on the cheek" likely to result in police involvement.

Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors were convicted of having sexual intercourse outside marriage and offending public decency. They received three-month jail sentences, were fined about $300 for drunkenness and ordered to be deported from Dubai on their release. More than 230 other Britons were arrested in the UAE last year.

On the subject of drunkenness, the hotel’s etiquette guide warns: "Drinking is not a part of Muslim culture and alcohol is not served openly. Drunken behaviour, especially outside licensed premises in the hotel, is severely punished."

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