Boy, 3, on Life Support After Tick Bite

A 3-year-old Australian boy has been on life support for almost two weeks after a tick stayed unnoticed behind his ear for several days.

Matthew Williams awoke on Oct. 28 with double vision and was unable to walk unassisted, so his mother Toni rushed him to the hospital, but tests came back negative.

When Matthew’s father Paul searched his symptoms on the Internet and found an Australian paralysis tick could be the suspected culprit, the pest was found within minutes.

“Once we found it, we were excited and thought he would be alright, and he’d just need the night to rest and then he’d be back to normal,” Toni Williams said.

However, doctors explained that patients often deteriorate over several days before they recover as the toxins dissipate in the body.

Matthew was transferred to Mater Children’s Hospital in South Brisbane, Australia, where he was sedated and put on a ventilator.

“He’s not out of the woods, but he is getting better,” Williams said. “Every day we see more improvement, and doctors say he is doing everything according to the text book.”

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