An elderly woman in Australia had to have her leg amputated after being pecked by her daughter’s pet bird.

The woman, 84, went to an emergency room in Newcastle, New South Wales with pain, swelling and redness to her lower left leg, near the site where her daughter's magpie had attacked her 11 days before.

She was admitted to hospital and prescribed antibiotics and anti-fungal drugs, but her condition continued to worsen.

Gangrene set in and her leg was amputated above the knee.

Infectious diseases physician Dr. Paul Wilson reported the case in the latest Medical Journal of Australia.

He said infections following pecking injuries were rare.

"Serious infections relating to trauma involving a bird have included septic arthritis of the knee after a chicken bite and a fatal brain abscess in a child caused by a rooster peck," Wilson wrote.

In this case, he said pre-existing circulation problems in the woman may have contributed to the aggressive course of the infection.

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