Mariah Carey Spied Kissing New Man, And It's Not Her Husband

Mariah Carey has a new man in her life and it's not her husband, Nick Cannon.

The newlywed snuggled up to model Andrew Karelis in her new video "I Stay in Love."

But Mariah's hubby kept a watchful eye on his woman in his role as video director. "Mariah and Nick may be a mystery to the media, but they have a great relationship," Andrew says.

"They are in the honey­moon stage for sure. You can tell they love to be around each other all the time."

He adds that Nick took charge of the shoot.

"He met me first and introduced me to Mariah. And he warned me immediately not to get too close," the model says.

"I will say that when I was kissing Mariah's neck, Nick got closer and closer and I definitely felt the pressure! He was about three feet away the whole time."

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