Little Monsters: Cutest Pet Costumes

From puppies in pumpkin outfits to labs dressed-up as lobsters—this Halloween is all about dressing up your pet! Check out our favorite funny, spooky and absolutely adorable pet costumes from our iMag fans!

Bentlee Evans Resnick

Pet's age: 1
Owners: Niki and Todd Resnick
Favorite treat: Cheerios and Milkbones. Pens, shoe pads, and paper are her favorite off-limit treats.
Favorite hobbies: Walks, playing fetch, getting into trouble.
Additional comments from owners: Bentlee may look innocent, but she's the cutest little devil! One day she was very quiet, so we knew she was up to no good. We looked everywhere for her and there she was in the study chewing up a green highlighter. She looked so guilty and had green all over her paws and face.
Lucy and Desi

Pets' ages: Lucy: 2, Desi: 9 months
Owner: Christie Briganti
Favorite treat: Flossies or cheerios!
Favorite hobbies: Lucy loves sleeping, sitting on people's laps, and belly rubs. Desi enjoys fetching toys and wrestling with Lucy.
Additional comments from owner: Lucy is such a loving dog that a chubby little pumpkin outfit works so well for her! Desi has so much energy that he could eat all day and still not gain a pound. So, the little skeleton costume is perfect!

Pet's age: 1
Owner: Meredith Mulvaney and Matt Sztuk
Favorite treat: Frosty Paws
Favorite hobbies: Playing fetch and cuddling on the couch, bed, chair, and driver's seat.
Additional comments from owner: In an attempt to convey Finley's love of Maine and anything water-related, we purchased a lobster costume for him. He doesn't mind being dressed up but the antennae did confuse him a bit!

Pet's age: 1
Owners: Kait Franzese and Jon DeRosa
Favorite treat: Pedigree Dentastix Favorite hobby: Playing fetch and people watching.
Additional comments from owners: This is Lady's third costume. She loved the first two so much that she ate them. We guess the third time is a charm...she has yet to devour this one!

Pet's age: 3
Owner: Sara Vigrass
Favorite treat: Snausages
Favorite hobby: Protecting his mom from the evil vacuum cleaner.
Additional comments from owner: Henry is definitely a "dude". He hates baths, having his hair brushed, and getting groomed. He especially hates when those silly human dress him up like a dumb bee. Doesn't he look happy?

Pet's age:1
Owner: Steph Cahn and Eric Sterling
Favorite treat: Toilet paper, flossies, pig ears, human food
Favorite hobby: He loves playing at the dog park, snuggling with his parents, going through purses, and sleeping.
Additional comments from owners: We were riding the elevator in our building and the door closed before Ollie could get out. Up he went, stopping on all 45 floors. Some kids found him and thought he was a gift!

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