Man's Nose Stops Bullet, Saves His Life

A man who was shot in the head at close range was saved from death by his nose, which stopped the bullet.

Daniel Greenwood, 19, of Manchester, England, survived being blasted in the head at close range as he struggled with robber David Cummins, who had pulled a gun on him.

Cummins, 21, shot Greenwood with a 9mm Cuno Melcher gun when he tried to snatch a gold chain from around his victim's neck at a house in Manchester, on March 22, Manchester Crown Court was told.

As they struggled, the gun accidentally went off.

Although doctors were able to remove the bullet, Greenwood still suffers flashbacks, sleeplessness and headaches.

Dr. Sarah Jarvis told Sky News Online that the man had a lucky escape.

"The nose is mainly made up of cartilage, but at the top you have got bone," she said. "If you point a gun straight up a nostril, a bullet would have to travel through a lot of bone in order to get into the skull. Bone is hard and very strong, so in this case it sounds like it slowed the bullet down enough not to have been fatal."

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