Bush Calls Phillies President to Congratulate World Series Champs

President Bush called David Montgomery, president of the Philadelphia Phillies, on Thursday to congratulate the new World Series champions.

Bush postulated that the 4-1 win over the Tampa Bay Rays must be exciting for Montgomery, the team and all the fans who have waited 25 years for the City of Brotherly Love to have a championship sports team.

The president also noted that manager Charlie Manuel brought some of the players to the White House last year, and Bush said he was really impressed by them.

The Phillies won the series during a home game, a continuation of a game that had been rained out Monday and Tuesday night.

The pre-game activities set to air on FOX-TV had been pushed back as a result of Barack Obama buying a half hour of ad time on the network to offer a 30-minute infomercial on what an Obama presidency would prioritize.