Jen Aniston Preggers?

Us Weekly, In Touch, Star – they all agree on one thing: Jen Aniston and John Mayer are back on. But when it comes to Jen’s mommy-to-be-ness, they just can’t get along.

In Touch claims on its current cover that Jen, 39, “looks” pregnant, circling on its cover what it describes as a “telltale bump.” Ah yes. Definitive proof.

Click for photos of the men who have not impregnated Jen Aniston, except maybe John Mayer, if you believe In Touch.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly has a source close to John Mayer saying it’s not true, while Jen’s rep backs that up to Entertainment Tonight, saying “Give me a break. She is NOT pregnant.”

Star Magazine is mum on Jen’s uterus at the moment, but did break the news on its last cover that Jen has asked John Mayer to marry her. No doubt in anticipation of some baby-making!

Of course this is all old news for the National Enquirer, which had Jen knocked up in December of 2007 to a father-to-be-named later. Which means Jen should have popped in … August?

How'd they all miss that?