Drunken College Student Destroys Car in 'Italian Job' Stunt

A drunken college student in the U.K. tried to recreate a scene from "The Italian Job" Sunday by driving a Mini up a flight of steps — but he wasn't nearly as successful.

The Bristol University student climbed into his brand new, $16,000 car to attempt the stunt from the 1969 movie in which crooks drive down church steps in a getaway scene.

But he wound up crashing the silver vehicle, given to him the day before by his wealthy parents.

After the stunt, the car's radiator blew up, the two front tires burst and both airbags exploded.

Six security guards, two police cars and a helicopter scrambled to arrest the 18-year-old. A second student escaped from the car at Bristol University’s Wills Hall.

Earlier, the pair had roared around the halls of the school at up to 40 mph, shrieking with laughter in a 20-minute rampage over pavements and lawns. They woke other students who were furious.

“He made himself look an idiot," one student said. "His parents had faces like thunder. Most people would love a car like that.”

The teen, who was not identified, was charged with drunken driving and spent the night in jail.

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