Panicking Over What to Pack? Shopping Divas Share Top Travel Essentials

Whether you're planning your next business trip or going home for the holidays — you are already stressed as it is. That's why iMag went to the experts to get the scoop on multifunctional travel items that can lighten your load. Store Adore co-founders, Meredith Barnett and Cristina Miller, eased our packing anxiety with these travel essentials.

Some people think that we spend all day roaming the streets and shopping. We wish we had the time (and the budget) but it is important for us to stay on top of the latest shopping news, so we do end up attending a lot of our stores’ soirees. When we travel for work, it’s critical that we’re both stylish and comfortable. We love to travel – one of the best part of our jobs is meeting boutique owners across the country – but packing anxiety can put a damper on things, which is why it’s critical to assemble your suitcase strategically. We’re all about bringing multi-functional items that offer the most bang for the space they take up.

1. The origami wrap from Lilla P is one of the most genius clothing items we’ve encountered. You can wear it over and over again in an infinite number of ways—a shawl, a layering top, a cardigan, a tunic—so versatile and casually chic.

2. A pair of cute lightweight flip flops packs easily and is good for plodding around hotel rooms (especially for germaphobes like Cristina!), giving swollen feet a break on the plane, and wearing out to dinner if you’re lucky enough to be traveling somewhere warm. We like these from Matiko on Couture Candy.

3. A roomy totebag functions as a handbag, a laptop bag, and a carry-on. This Hayden Harnett bag from Luna Boston weighs practically nothing. It also folds up into a compact shape so that if you plan to shop when you travel (and who doesn’t?) you can bring it along inside of your suitcase to fill up with your new purchases.

4. Travel can be a nightmare for your skin: Airplanes are notoriously drying, and more time outside means additional sun exposure. This lip gloss from Nuxe is an all-in-one: a pretty pink shade, SFP 15, and an uber-moisturizer.

5. We seem to travel with three to five lingerie bags each. We use them for dirty clothes, socks, bras, underwear, and even swimsuits. Roberta Roller Rabbit in New York sells adorable cotton printed bags. We often buy them as gifts.

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