Man Says Drinking Hard Cider Turned His Skin Orange

A 47-year-old man who drank more than a gallon of hard cider every day for five years was forced to seek medical attention when his skin turned orange, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Michael Stenning, a divorced father of two, said he began drinking heavily when he lost his job five years ago and only decided to quit his habit when doctors told him he might die.

“It was a miracle,” Dr. Sumita Verma, who researches alcoholic hepatitis, told the newspaper. “I have never seen someone as sick as him leave the hospital alive.”

Stenning’s skin turned orange, or jaundice, as a result of increased bile pigments in the blood, which is symptomatic of liver diseases such as hepatitis.

Stenning spent three weeks at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, England, where the medical staff helped him overcome his addiction.

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