Exclusive: Hasselbeck on Media Treatment of Palin

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ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: It's now eight short days until election day and yesterday Elisabeth Hasselbeck traveled down to the swing state of Florida to stump for Governor Sarah Palin. Here's some highlights from her speech.


ELISABETH HASSELBECK, CO-HOST, ABC'S "THE VIEW": When I was asked to come out here before all of you and introduce the governor today, I was of course incredibly honored. But let's be honest: I was really excited to just be able to talk for five minutes without getting interrupted.

Yes, she sure is a woman who knows how to dress. You know, and I'm sure you'll agree: I'm most impressed personally by her accessories, like the flag pin she wears to honor her son.

When it gets hot in the kitchen, the governor may be from Alaska, but she can take the heat. How do I know that this candidate will fight for me? The answer in my book is crystal clear as the skies here in Florida today. You know that someone will fight for you when they already have.

Video: Watch Part 1 of Sean's interview with Elisabeth Hasselbeck | Part 2


COLMES: After that Sean caught up with "The View's" conservative co- host for an exclusive interview. Take a look.


HANNITY: Here you are. (UNINTELLIGIBLE) You've been in Tampa. You've been — here we are in Kissimmee. Why are you here?

HASSELBECK: I'm here today to get people rallied up in her support. She doesn't need any help. There were people lining up outside of the stadium. This is the most — I mean, outrageously excited crowd that I think I've ever seen, and I've been to a lot of football games.

HANNITY: You got them really excited out there, so — let me ask you this. By the way, I've been watching "The View" on a regular basis. Joy called me dangerous. What was that all about?

HASSELBECK: I'm not quite sure. You're a teddy bear. You're a teddy bear.

HANNITY: Oh, I'm a teddy bear. All right. Now, one of the things you brought up as you were talking today, you talked about how Governor Palin has been treated a little bit differently.


HANNITY: Explain that.

HASSELBECK: Because I don't think anyone can deny the fact that the media has been incredibly sexist in their attacks on her. I find it — I find it a little peculiar that they're focused on her shoes and can't find a reporter to head out to Tony Rezko's place.

HANNITY: Most Americans don't know about that. Right?

HASSELBECK: Well, of course not. The media, aside from you, has not covered that. Isn't that the job of the media, to go out and investigate and vet these — the people who are running to be in the White House? I thought it was, Sean. I'm a little disappointed lately.

HANNITY: But let's talk about that, because in other words, they spend more time on Governor Palin's clothes and shoes than they are about some really, really, you know, I would argue, you know, questionable relationships with Ayers and Wright and Rezko and some of these other things.

HASSELBECK: You can't ask that.

HANNITY: Well, I do. And you brought it — I watched you in a couple of battles over this very issue.

HASSELBECK: Well, I think that Americans have the right to know. They have the right to make their decision. They have the right to make up their own minds. But they should be able to ask the questions, and for some reason we're now in a country where you can't even ask about the connections that this man has? He's left no paper trail.


HASSELBECK: We can't — he's left out chapters of his life.


HASSELBECK: And yet, we're ready to put him in the White House, and the media wants to focus on wardrobe. It's...

HANNITY: I watch "The View" regularly, and we always love it when you're on "Hannity & Colmes." Whenever we can get Elisabeth on "Hannity & Colmes."

HASSELBECK: I'm watching you every night. You know where I am at 9.

HANNITY: All right. You asked, probably, Barack Obama the toughest question about Reverend Wright.


HANNITY: You really said, "What about this association, and what does it mean in terms of your judgment?" And that was a very uncomfortable moment, I think one of the more uncomfortable ones in the campaign.

HASSELBECK: It was uncomfortable, but I don't think this is the time to get comfy and I don't think it's the time to be quiet. We should be asking these questions that you have. You've been fighting for that, Sean, and I don't think you've been fighting for anything other than to get to the bottom of it. That's the truth. Americans heard it.

And for some reason people are afraid to ask, and they're not getting information they deserve.

HANNITY: Yes, I agree with that. By the way, did you really get in trouble for wearing — because I have your Senator...

HASSELBECK: Great American.

HANNITY: Great American. I got her T-shirts which, by the way, is on, you know, the McCain Web site.

HASSELBECK: The McCain Web site, you know, I got in a little bit of trouble for wearing it.

HANNITY: Real trouble or just...

HASSELBECK: It wasn't big trouble.

HANNITY: I was hoping that you would say Rosie O'Donnell wishes she could be here.

HASSELBECK: I know you did. I'll say it now. Rosie O'Donnell wishes she could be here. It doesn't have the same effect.

HANNITY: There's no microphone. They can't hear us.

HASSELBECK: You gave me some advice.

HANNITY: You have had most of the candidates on "The View." You've had Michelle Obama, Barack Obama. You had Senator McCain a couple times, Cindy McCain has been on "The View." Why did I think the toughest interview was against Senator McCain?


HANNITY: You know why, though? I know when I go on "The View," I get beaten up by everybody but you.

HASSELBECK: You do a good job handling it. I will say that.

The — you know, that was a tough interview. It was a tough day. You know, I tried to ask a fair question. And since accepting the nomination, Barack Obama has yet to come back to "The View," and Senator McCain did. And I think the focus is more on why hasn't he come back? Is he afraid to face tough questions again? What's there to hide? I say come back and answer the questions.


HANNITY: All right. More with Elisabeth in just a few minutes


HANNITY: And we continue now with part two of my exclusive interview with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, straight from the campaign trail in Kissimmee, Florida.


HANNITY: It seems like, in the final days, even though Michelle Obama went on "The View," she has never been asked one of the most outrageous quotes that I would like answered before election day. You've got to do it personally (ph). Is "Why did you say America is a downright mean country in 2008," and why did she — and by the way, I've watched Whoopi. And I like Whoopi Goldberg a lot. I told you that.


HANNITY: Whoopi and I have been friends. We've had disagreements over the years, but you know, Whoopi one year was explaining it. And she said, well, for the first time in my adult life I'm really proud. But she also one other time said for the first time in my adult life, without the word really, I'm proud.

That's the one question I would like to ask anybody that's going to be the first lady.

HASSELBECK: And I'm sure she'll answer that. I actually defended her on that because I thought, if my husband were in the position that Barack Obama was, if he was going to be the president (ph), you may look at your experience in this country in a new enlightened way.


HASSELBECK: So I gave her — I gave her a break there. You know, I think that personally were just — my main focus now is to hopefully get Senator Obama back on the show, ask him the questions again.

And hopefully, someone else other than you will be asking the questions. You're doing a good job. We just need the information, Sean. I'm not asking for anything but the information.

HANNITY: What do you make of the polls? I read polls every day.


HANNITY: It seems like some are so out of whack.


HANNITY: And we've got now Zogby, there's been a seven-point shift in Senator McCain's favor just in the last day.


HANNITY: We have the A.P. poll, the battleground poll, and the IDP poll all show that it's tightening. What is your sense, now that you're out on the campaign with Governor Palin?

HASSELBECK: You know, after today, I mean, look, there has been such enormous support for this team that I have a feeling that it's going to be closer than everybody thinks. I really do. I'm also a person that believes that there's one poll that matters, and that's on election day.

HANNITY: On election day.


HANNITY: You do give your opinions. I give my opinions.


HANNITY: And everyone knows who I'm voting for. We know who you're voting for. But to take a step to come out here — do you like Elisabeth?


HASSELBECK: Thank you, guys. I think they're cheering for you, Sean.

HANNITY: To take the step...


HANNITY: ... and come out and do that, you didn't blink.

HASSELBECK: Didn't blink.

HANNITY: Before Governor Palin.

HASSELBECK: Because I know that this is a cause close to my heart. I believe in this team. I believe we need — we need them right now. We need them to create jobs.

You don't tax big corporations right now. Corporations don't pay tax. They just raise their prices and fire people. I've talked to — I've talked to so many small business owners just today alone, you know, worried that they're going to have to fire four or five people come January. This shouldn't be that way.

HANNITY: And Barack Obama, and I asked Governor Palin about this, seems to have doubled down on the words "spread the wealth."


HANNITY: Joe the plumber, I saw all over here tonight.


HANNITY: You know, somebody the bricklayer, somebody the electrician. Do you think that has — that has changed the dynamic or the narrative in the race?

HASSELBECK: I do. I think that we're actually seeing the people they've been talking about.


HASSELBECK: I think one of us, one of the citizens, actually made it quite clear to everybody else what America wants and needs. And heck, I heart Joe the plumber. I thank him for that.

HANNITY: I was Joe the plumber, by the way.


HANNITY: I was Hannity the construction worker.


HANNITY: I did it for a long time, and before that I was Hannity the dishwasher when I was 12 years old.


HANNITY: All right, last question is...


HANNITY: ... and we'll let you go.

HASSELBECK: By the way, can I just add that the amount of special needs families that have shown up and been so thrilled to have an advocate in the White House with Governor Palin. It has been an emotional ride today, literally. It really has.

HANNITY: Because you've been with her.


HANNITY: You saw these families, and they come up to her.

HASSELBECK: Yes, they come up to her.


HASSELBECK: I mean, they trust because they know that she will follow up on what she promises.

HANNITY: My biggest argument against Senator Obama...


HANNITY: ... and we made the case last night on — well, what would be tonight on "Hannity's America," the top ten reasons I don't think he's fit to serve as president.


HANNITY: But you know, one of them...

HASSELBECK: Are you going to preview any now?

HANNITY: I can give you ten and then ten more and then ten more if we had more time.

But one of the things is honesty and judgment and integrity.


HANNITY: And even — you get the sense that even Joe Biden when he said we're going to have an international crisis within six months...


HANNITY: ... even he recognizes there's a weakness on those issues at this point.

HASSELBECK: There is, and look, if you're going to — how do you know if someone is going to fight for you? Because they already have. How do you know if somebody's going to make a good decision for you? Because they already have. Senator Obama has not.

And all of those poor decisions. We'll all made them.


HASSELBECK: My problem is he takes no ownership of them. None. And compounded, it's too much of a chance to take right now.


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