Seal: My Wife Heidi Klum Has Best Assets in the Business

British singer Seal defended his wife for commenting about her breasts to the U.K.'s Sun earlier this year, claiming she has good reason to tell the world about them.

A few months ago, the Sun's website went into overdrive after they hosted a video of Victoria's Secret beauty Heidi — who recently beat Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer in a poll of the world's top supermodels — lamenting her love for her big breasts while fondling them.

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Seal also explained the reason behind his 'babygrow' Heidi once famously told the world about.

He joked: "It's actually a lime green leotard.

"It's reserved for special occasions. It has nothing to do with the kids."

What's weirder is that he revealed it acts as a sign he's ready to get jiggy in the bedroom.

Seal added: "When it comes out Heidi knows I'm ready for action if you know what I mean. Use your imagination

"She wears very little. It's just Heidi and Victoria's Secret."

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