Report: Doctor Locked Door on Man Having Fatal Heart Attack

A doctor ignored desperate pleas to help a man who collapsed outside his Adelaide, Australia office — locking himself in his office as the man died from a heart attack, a witness testified in court Sunday.

Brian Raymond Turner, 59, died in the parking lot of the Europa Medical Clinic Saturday, July 23, 2005.

Coroner Mark Johns heard evidence from the clinic's receptionist, Angela Conte, who said she was shocked when Dr. Emmanuel Vlahakis refused to help Turner.

Conte said she was startled when Turner's wife, May, started frantically banging on the locked office doors about 6 p.m.

"She was screaming hysterically that she needed someone to help her husband," Conte said. "She kept saying someone help me, please help me."

Conte said she called Vlahakis on the intercom and said there was a woman at the door begging for someone to help her stricken husband.

"He asked me, `Is he inside or outside the clinic?' and I said he is outside, can you come out and help and he said, `No, call an ambulance,'" Conte said.

Conte and a waiting patient then went to Turner's aid before she again approached Vlahakis, telling him Turner had blue lips and was not breathing.

"The doctor said, `We don't do anything — lock all the doors and keep them locked until the ambulance arrives,'" Conde added.

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