Catherine Zeta-Jones Tapped to Play Famed Egyptian Queen

She already has the looks and charm to make audiences swoon, and now actress Catherine Zeta-Jones may get the opportunity to play one of history’s most intriguing female figures.

The actress is reportedly in talks to star in “Cleopatra,” a 3-D live action rock musical directed by Steven Soderbergh, E! Online is reporting. The film will profile the life of the Egyptian queen and her love affair with legendary Roman politician Marc Antony.

The project would be the first for Zeta-Jones, 39, since her Oscar-winning portrayal of Velma Kelly in “Chicago.”

According to E!, Soderbergh is looking to fill Antony’s role with another talented Thespian, Hugh Jackman.

The $30 million film will reportedly follow Cleopatra as she begins her romance with Antony, which ends in her suicide after she and Antony are defeated by Emperor Julius Caesar.

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