Forgotten Fossil Bed Found Again After 150 Years

One of the world's most valuable fossil beds has been rediscovered, having been forgotten during Victorian times.

Fossils recovered near Christian Malford in Wiltshire, England, caused a sensation when they were unearthed in 1840 because they were the first to include the flesh of Jurassic wildlife.

Phil Wilby, of the British Geological Survey, has now rediscovered the site and led the first dig there in more than 150 years.

He hopes that freshly recovered fossils can help to explain why tens of thousands of animals died simultaneously in episodes repeated many times over about a million years.

Fossil hunters and academics flocked to the area in the 1840s and 1850s to dig out extraordinarily well-preserved specimens of fish and squid-like creatures.

But despite its importance as an extremely rare source of fossilized soft tissues preserved along with hard bones and shells, the location of the site was lost.

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