Fisherman Reeling After Catching Dog, Alive, Mile Out in Sea

Two British fishermen were stunned when they caught a dog, who they initially mistook for an otter, a mile out to sea, the Daily Mail reported Friday.

Freddie, the 14-year-old terrier, was swimming against the tide when Jimmy and Alan Thompson from Red Row, Northumberland, pulled him into the boat.

In an ironic twist, when Freddie was reunited with his owner, 73-year-old Jean Brigstock, she said he hates water and avoids baths and puddles.

Brigstock lost Freddie during a foggy walk on the beach when he slipped into the water, the Daily Mail reported.

The dog was taken to the vet, but found to be in good health.

“Freddie is back to his normal self,” Brigstock told the Daily mail. “I'm not surprised he survived — he's a bit of a character really. “

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