Cold, Frosty and Healthy: Researchers Brewing Up a Cancer-Fighting Beer

Why should wine get all the glory?

Researchers at Rice University in Houston are developing a beer that contains the same heart disease- and cancer-fighting ingredient found in wine, Computer World reported this week.

The six-student research team, led by Taylor Stevenson, a junior at Rice, said the team is using genetic engineering to create a beer that contains resveratrol, the same compound that is said to give red wine its health benefits.

Stevenson said the students hope to make the beer even healthier than wine by giving it a larger concentration of resveratrol.

"The idea is that it may have greater effects [in beer than in wine]," he told Computer World. "The amount of red wine you'd need to drink to get the same results ... is about half a bottle a day."

Stevenson said the amount of resveratrol in wine varies from bottle to bottle. The beer, researchers hope, will have higher and more consistent concentrations of the cancer-fighting chemical because it won't be dependent on such factors as grape quality and growing conditions.

A study released earlier this month found that drinking red wine may reduce the risk of lung cancer, even in smokers.

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