A policeman’s finger stopped his gun being fired at his colleagues when it was seized by a man they were trying to arrest, an Australian court was told Thursday.

James Lyle Rakatau, 25, fled police when they tried to arrest him in Melbourne on Nov. 14 last year over an outstanding warrant from Western Australia, the Herald Sun reported.

The Supreme Court was told senior detectives Matthew Flood, Travis Merlo and Adam Radley gave chase until Flood tackled Rakatau as he tried to climb a fence.

Prosecutor Robert Barry said during the struggle that followed Rakatau got hold of Flood's gun from his holster and yelled: “Now you freeze.”

Flood got both hands on the revolver and held the cylinder so it wouldn't spin and fire.

His finger was jammed between the hammer and primer when Rakatau tried to fire more shots as Radley and Merlo went to intervene.

Barry said it was only Flood's index finger that stopped the weapon firing as Rakatau tried a number of times to pull the trigger.

Rakatau pleaded guilty to two counts of reckless conduct endangering life.

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