Overworked? A Shopaholics Guide to Stress Relief

Running a small business can be incredibly stressful. That's why iMag spoke to Meredith Barnett and Cristina Miller, the co-founders of Store Adore, to find out how they tackle stress. Store Adore is a personalized web-based guide to shopping at exceptional boutiques on the trendiest streets across the country and online.

A roller coaster, an adventure, a marathon, a wild ride…running Store Adore is always exciting. A stress reliever it definitely is not. To be perfectly honest, when we’re feeling particularly anxious and overwhelmed, our first instinct is to work even harder. So while we’re not exactly known for our ability to chill out, for the sake of our health, our relationships, and our sanity, even we have had to figure out a few ways to take a breather. Here’s what we do:

YOGA: There is something at once calming and incredibly powerful about yoga, which we both practice regularly. (Shopping tip: because having something cute to wear is always a good motivator to get us in gear to go to class, we stock up on Hard Tail cropped pants with a flattering rollover waist and boot cut bottom.)

MANIS AND PEDIS: One of the best things about living in Manhattan is that there is a manicure spot on every corner. It’s fun to go with girlfriends and sit in those comfy massage chairs and dish over trashy magazines. We prefer light colors for our fingers (so much typing always chips our nails!) and adventurous colors for our toes. (Shopping tip: If you prefer to bring your own polish, Beans Beauty has over 300 colors to choose from.)

TV: Meredith’s post-wedding resolution was to catch up on Tivo! We know we’re late to the party, but Gossip Girl is our latest obsession—not so much for the I-Know-What-You-Did-Last-Summer plotline, but for two more critical reasons: 1) the can’t-stop-saying-them names of both the characters and the actors (which is WASPier—Leighton Meester or Blair Waldorf?—you decide) and the fashion, of course. (Shopping tip: Check out Store Adore's picks for GG-inspired pretty-preppy headgear.)

GOOD FOOD: We used to pride ourselves on knowing all of the latest restaurants in New York. These days, thanks to Store Adore, our focus has shifted to stores. Nevertheless, we’re never ones to turn down the chance to chow, and the opportunity to catch up with friends while we’re at it. (Shopping tip: What better way to spend a Saturday than shopping in Soho after a satiating brunch? Download this map of a recent Soho shopping trip we did.)

SHOPPING!: When the going gets tough, Store Adore goes shopping! We founded our company on the premise that the experience of shopping—of discovering new stores (and bragging about it afterwards) or spending a few hours on a Saturday afternoon browsing with friends—is as much fun as the actual acquisition. When we’re truly stressed out, we do what we do best. Check Store Adore to find the best boutique shopping in your city and online.

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