Jurors in Fort Dix Trial May See Beheading Video Found on Defendants

Jurors in the trial of five men accused of plotting a terrorist attack against Fort Dix in New Jersey might have another day of troubling video evidence.

On Wednesday, prosecutors showed several Muslim extremist videos found on a computer in the home of two of the defendants. The tapes showed U.S. military vehicles exploding and soldiers shot by snipers in Iraq.

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A government prosecutor says videos that include beheadings of Americans in Iraq could be shown Thursday. The tapes are to be stopped before the beheadings can be seen.

The suspects — all foreign-born Muslims in their 20s who lived for years in the Cherry Hill — are charged with conspiracy to kill military personnel and attempted murder. Four of them also face weapons charges.

Taken from a stationary camera and set to a soundtrack of Arabic chanting, the 17 minutes of footage showed 10 men, including some of the suspects, taking turns firing four guns at a range in the Poconos in February 2007.

An FBI agent testified the video was found in the apartment of Dritan Duka after he was arrested. Other videos found at a home where Eljvir and Shain Duka lived showed U.S. military vehicles being bombed in Iraq or U.S. soldiers falling to sniper's bullets.

Most of the jurors in the case watched stoically, but some winced and put their hands over their mouths.

One video showed men in the desert, under cover of night, shooting machine guns at unknown targets. As they fired, the men shouted, "Allah akbar," Arabic for "God is great."

The Fort Dix suspects used the same phrase when they fired weapons in their video. And like the homemade video, several of the jihadist movies featured Islamic music.