Grandma, 56, Gives Birth to Daughter's Triplets

A 56-year-old Wooster, Ohio, woman gave birth to her daughter’s triplets last week, reported Thursday.

Jaci Dalenberg delivered triplet girls on the morning of Saturday, Oct. 11. Her daughter, Kim Caseno and her husband Joe wrote about the experience on their Web site.

Caseno, who has two teenage children from a previous relationship, said on the Web site that she dreamed of having a biological child with her husband.

The Casenos named their daughters Elizabeth Jacilyn, Carmina Ann and Gabriella Claire.

Dalenberg told the TV station she agreed to be a surrogate mother for her daughter after medical issues inhibited Coseno’s ability to conceive.

“My need to be a mommy again has been with me for so many years, and I kept carefully guarded those feelings of emptiness and deep sadness for such a long time,” Kim Caseno wrote on the Web site.

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