Farmer's Head Severely Dented by 400-Lb Bull

A farmer in Britain was lucky to escape a stampeding cattle herd with his life—though his head, which was severely dented by crushing hooves—will never be the same.

Hillary Hutchinson woke from a coma to find his skull dramatically reshaped by one of the 600 rushing cattle, according to the London Telegraph.

"I don't remember very much of the incident at all, but what I do know is that the bull stood on my head,” Hutchinson, who survived two brain surgeries, told the paper.

"He's a big fellow, over 400 pounds, and he caused a considerable amount of damage. I am very lucky to have survived.

"When I was in a coma everyone was thinking the worst. I thought for weeks I wasn't going to make it. I can't remember a thing about the accident—I'm just really, really lucky to be alive."

The cattle were moving down a lane between fields of Northumberland when they turned unexpectedly on the farmer and broke into a stampede, the Telegraph reported.

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