Drew Peterson Returns to Court on Gun Charges

Former Bolingbrook police officer Drew Peterson returned to court Thursday on gun charges unrelated to the case of his missing wife, Stacy.

A grand jury indicted Peterson on one felony charge for possessing an illegal semiautomatic rifle that was seized by authorities investigating Stacy's disappearance.

He also faces a second felony count for attempting to transfer the gun it to his son, Stephen, ABC7Chicago.com reported.

Peterson previously tried to have the case dismissed, but Judge Richard Schoenstedt said he couldn't find any case law that would justify dropping the charges.

Thursday's hearing will focus on pretrial defense motions such as trial location and jury selection, according to ABC7Chicago.com.

The trial is scheduled to begin December 8th, the station reported.

Peterson has been named a suspect in his wife Stacy's disappearance but hasn't been charged.

Defense attorney Joel Brodsky argues his client is immune from prosecution for the gun charges because he was still a police officer when authorities seized the weapon.

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