Woman, 61, Fights Off Deer Attacking Pet Poodle

A 61-year-old Silver Bow County woman got into a tussle with an aggressive deer after it attacked one of her poodles.

Carol Lince said it happened Monday at her home about 35 miles southeast of Butte.

Lince said she let her three poodles outside, and then heard one "screaming bloody murder."

She went outside and saw a doe attacking the smallest dog.

Lince kicked at the deer's hind legs to try to get the animal off her dog.

She said the doe rammed her with its head and pushed her into her fence. Lince started walloping the deer's head with her fists until it eventually jumped her fence and ran off.

Lince said she sustained bruises where the deer rammed its head into her abdomen.

The dog was pronounced OK by a veterinarian.