William Shatner Calls Former 'Star Trek' Co-Star George Takei 'Psychotic' and 'Sick'

“Star Trek” star William Shatner is slamming former co-star George Takei for being “psychotic” and “sick” in a new Internet video clip.

“There is such a sickness there,” Shatner said. “It’s so patently obvious that there is a psychosis there. I don’t know what his original thing about me was. I have no idea.”

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Shatner’s rant was a response to Takei deliberately not inviting him to his civil wedding ceremony to his boyfriend last month.

In the video, Shatner claims that no one cared when Takei finally came out of the closet.

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“He has continued to speak badly about me for all these years. Obviously, hiding his homosexuality — talk about festering and not living the truth of your life and feeling badly about yourself — and being fearful somebody would find out about this terrible, terrible secret, so he thought," Shatner said.

“Finally at the age of, I think, 70, he decides to come out of the closet and say, ‘I'm gay.’ … Like, who cares? Be gay. Don't be gay. That's up to you George.”

Takei has expressed his negative feelings toward Shatner, claiming that his ego was unbearable on "Star Trek."

For his part, Shatner downplayed Takei’s role in the cult science-fiction series, saying he barely knew him because he was so rarely on the set, the Mail reported.

“I didn't know him very well on the series. He would come in for a day or two, as evidenced by the part he played," Shatner said. "Then on the movies, there occasionally. I didn't know the man.

“It's sad. I feel nothing but pity for him.”

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