Study: Girls With High IQs at Risk for Adult Drinking Problems

A study finds that children with high IQs, especially young girls, are more likely to abuse alcohol as adults, Reuters reported.

Researchers from the University of Glasgow in Scotland found a link between higher intelligence scores at age 10 and higher levels of alcohol consumption and abuse in adulthood, according to the study published in the American Journal of Public Health's Oct. 15 edition.

Moreover, the link between IQ and drinking was "markedly stronger among women than among men," reported the University of Scotland’s Dr. G. David Batty and colleagues.

The study, which included 3,895 men and 4,148 women, assessed the associations between IQ scores obtained when the participants were 10 years old and their alcohol intake when they were about 30 years old.

They found that for every 15-point increase in childhood IQ score, the likelihood of drinking problems increased 1.38 times for women, and 1.17 times for men.

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