Self-Described White Supremacist Charged With Biting Boy, 9

A self-proclaimed white supremacist who allegedly made threatening "black magic" phone calls to a high school this summer now faces charges that he repeatedly bit a 9-year-old boy.

Dmitriy V. Sklyarov, 20, was charged Friday with neglect of a dependent resulting in bodily injury and battery resulting in bodily injury for allegedly biting the boy, who had been left in his care. Both charges are felonies, and Sklyarov was being held in the Delaware County Jail on a $15,000 bond.

Authorities say Sklyarov left at least 13 bite marks, still visible the next day, on the child's arms and at least one bite mark on each leg.

The Star Press of Muncie reported that the alleged victim told investigators that Sklyarov had bit him "for fun." The boy's mother suggested Sklyarov was "just playing" with her son, but had "gotten too rough."

Muncie City Court records show that Sklyarov faces two pending misdemeanor charges filed over the summer.

On Aug. 8, the Muncie man was charged with harassment after authorities said he left two threatening phone messages at Wes-Del High School in July. In one message, he allegedly said he had placed a "spell" on teachers by making dolls in their image and putting his own blood on the dolls, saying the teachers would "get sick and die" as a result. In another message, the caller said he was a "hard-core black magician," adding "Hail, Satan!"

Police said both calls came from Sklyarov's home. Court documents indicate Sklyarov dropped out of Wes-Del High School in April 2006.

Sklyarov was also charged with a misdemeanor possession-of-marijuana charge in June.

In March 2007, Sklyarov held a 30-minute rally on the front steps of Muncie City Hall, touting white supremacy and proclaiming his hatred for blacks and Jews. The event drew fewer than 20 people, which included about a dozen police officers on hand.