Gynecologist Suspended for Drinking on Duty, Blood-Alcohol Level Twice the Legal Driving Limit

A gynecologist needed to assess whether a new mother needed a hysterectomy because she was hemorrhaging has been suspended for drinking alcohol while she was on-call for hospital duty.

Dr. Judith Hamilton, who was at home, but on-call for Guys and St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust in the early morning hours of April 15, had been drinking prior to being called-in to assess a 39-year-old woman who suffered heavy bleeding shortly after delivering her fourth child, the Telegraph reported Tuesday.

Hamilton was pulled over by police in the town of Battersea, which is southwest of London, before arriving at the hospital. Her blood-alcohol level was found to be twice the legal limit for driving.

Hamilton lost her driver's license for 20 months and was fined $820.

This week, her medical license was suspended for four months as well.

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