Former Resident Wreaks Havoc on Village in Smear Campaign

A man described as the “modern equivalent of a poison-pen letter writer” tried to destroy the lives of residents in his former British village with a smear campaign, a court was told Tuesday.

Graham Speed, 51, was accused of creating malicious Internet videos and spreading rumors after moving away from Harmston, in Lincolnshire.

He was banned from the village in February after a court imposed an interim antisocial behavior order.

Police on Tuesday applied for a full order, in which Speed would be banned from contacting media organizations with false accusations and from photographing or filming any of the alleged victims.

At Lincoln Magistrates' Court, residents of the village, which has a population of 800, said that Speed had almost ruined their personal and professional lives.

Odiri Oteri, a gynecologist at Lincoln County Hospital, said that he had been reported to the General Medical Council after Speed falsely accused him of fathering a child with a mistress.

Oteri told the court: “The allegations affected me quite significantly … My whole work requires trust. I was suspicious of everyone after the allegations were made, so it really affected my confidence.”

Ewan Stockbridge, an RAF serviceman, claimed that Speed had posted footage of him online entitled “Sex pest caught on CCTV.” He was subsequently questioned about the video for three hours by his superiors.

Speed also allegedly raised a series of damaging claims against Philip Myatt, a businessman. Myatt, the former head of a nursing services company, told the court: “I built a nursing home group from 1975 until 18 months ago. I employed a lot of people and was respected. I worked hard.

“[Mr Speed] made a complaint that I ran a fraudulent business and squandered the money on yachts in Jersey — and that was only the tip of the iceberg.”

Speed, who now lives in Lincoln, did not attend court Tuesday but denies all the allegations. The hearing continues.

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