Farmer Who Murdered Parents, Fed Neighbor to Pigs Loses Appeal

A farmer in Sweden who was convicted of both killing his parents and feeding his neighbor’s body to his pigs has lost an appeal against life in prison, The Local reported Tuesday.

The 32-year-old convict killed his father in 2000 by hitting him in the head, and then strangled his mother four years later. He told authorities his father was kicked in the head by a cow and that his mother died in her sleep, The Local reported.

In 2005, after a neighbor died on his farm of natural causes, the unidentified convict cut up the body and fed it to his pigs in order to claim the dead man’s pension.

For his parents’ murders, the man was convicted of double homicide. Earlier this year he was convicted of desecration of a body for his role in his neighbor’s death. He lost his appeal against a life sentence at Kassel District Court on Tuesday.

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