Columbia University Students Titillate With Raunchy New 'C-Spot' Magazine

Columbia students trying to prove that scholarship can be sexy have launched a salacious magazine featuring strip-club reviews, Internet porn recommendations and nude pictures of students steamy enough to wilt ivy.

The debut issue of "C-Spot" features titillatingly titled articles like "The Origins of the Vibrator" and ""

In one piece headlined "My Nails Are Red," the writer pens a graphic description of her rough sex with Wall Street guys who choke her with their "expensive ties."

The carnal-minded coeds might be uninhibited on paper, but the vast majority chose to remain anonymous for their exposés.

Senior Scott Nowers, 22, saw the issue and found it "surprisingly intellectual."

In addition to the stories, there also are a dozen photos of male and female students using props like preppy scarves and books to hide their naughty bits.

Editor-in-chief Hoang Jessica Tang is looking for a range of students to contribute to the erotic review.

"We need critical essayists to examine how the Internet has directly and indirectly influenced our sexuality," she wrote in her debut editor's letter. "We need students to review . . . swinger and fetish parties in New York."

She pointed out that the magazine "is not sponsored, sanctioned or promoted in any way by Columbia, its administration, its faculty, or any other official representative."

A spokesman for Columbia had no comment.

Student David Billingsley, 21, hopes the magazine doesn't give people the wrong impression about the prestigious school.

"I hope it doesn't add to our reputation as a sex-crazed campus," he said, "because we're not."

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