Parents Dub Son 'Our Sumo Baby' After He Weighs in at Nearly 13 Pounds

He is just three days old but baby Harlem Bailey is already being pegged as a future rugby or basketball player.

At an impressive 12.8 pounds at birth and just under 23.6 inches, Harlem is one of the biggest babies to be born in New South Wales so far this year.

And parents Maryann Barusic and Justin Bailey couldn't be happier with their big bundle of joy.

During her pregnancy, Barusic said she just knew her fourth child was going to be a big baby.

"I was so big, much bigger than with any of my other babies and I was really uncomfortable," said Barusic, whose previous baby weighed just over 9 pounds at birth.

His parents have lovingly dubbed him "our sumo baby" and decided on his name after seeing a Harlem Globetrotters' ball shortly before he was born, two days past his due date.

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