Mom Blames Botched Tube-Tie Operation for Pregnancy, Trauma

An Australian woman who became pregnant five years after having her tubes tied is suing the hospital that performed the procedure.

The woman, of Drysdale, Australia, claims the laparoscopic sterilization procedure she underwent at Geelong Hospital in 2000 failed as a result of surgical mistakes.

In her suit, she claims the ordeal left her both psychologically and physically damaged. She says she suffered abdominal scarring and bleeding from the C-section birth of her son, who is now 3 years old.

The woman, whose identity is being withheld by the Geelong Advertiser newspaper, is claiming compensation for the continued costs of raising the child, and a loss of projected earnings.

She declined to comment when contacted Monday.

The suit states that during the procedure, the clip birth-control device used was either incorrectly applied, or not attached, to her fallopian tubes as a result of "operator error."

The surgeon who delivered her baby five years later discovered one of the clips on a ligament instead of the woman's right fallopian tube, she claims in her suit.

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