University of Michigan: Percentage of Minority Freshmen Steady Despite Affirmative Action Ban

The University of Michigan says the percentage of minority freshmen has held about steady after a full year operating under a state curb on affirmative action.

The university says three underrepresented minority groups make up 10.9 percent, or 604 of 5,783 freshmen. Last year, the groups made up 11.4 percent, or 651 of 5,992 freshmen.

The school issued a news release Monday saying it has 374 African-American, 199 Hispanic and 31 Native-American freshmen. There were 334 African-American, 267 Hispanic and 50 Native-American freshmen last fall.

In November 2006, Michigan voters passed a ban on racial preferences in admissions and public employment. The university complied while increasing minority recruitment efforts.