America's Future: The Road Ahead in Iraq

Attacks are down by 90 percent in some areas of Iraq as the success of counterinsurgency operations has decreased violence in every part of the country.

All this week, FOX News will be reporting live from Iraq on the remarkable progress there and on what voters need to know about the situation there before they head to the polls.

Come to for special coverage from Bill Hemmer, Steve Harrigan and the rest of FOX News' experienced team of foreign correspondents as they report from Baghdad, Basra and beyond.

FOX News walks you through the streets of Baghdad, speaks to Iraqis on how they view the U.S. and their country's future and tackles tough questions like how soon more U.S. troops might come home, how Iraq's security forces are faring, and what Iraq is doing with its influx of oil dollars. talks to the U.S. military on where we were, where we are, and what likely happens if a new administration decides to pull the plug on Iraq.

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