2-Year-Old Girl Found Crammed in Van Among Illegal Immigrants

Authorities conducting a traffic stop in Phoenix, Arizona were shocked to find a two-year-old girl crammed inside a van along with 12 other illegal immigrants, MyFOXPhoenix reported Saturday.

None of the immigrants — who were all arrested — have claimed the little girl and none have provided any information as to who her parents might be, Sheriff Joe Arpaio told MyFOXPhoenix.

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Arpaio is now asking for the local communities’ help in trying to locate the parents. It is unclear whether the toddler was kidnapped and transported to the U.S. to be sold, or whether she is being held captive to get more smuggling money out of her parents, MyFOX reported.

Authorities stopped the vehicle after it made an abrupt U-turn in front of them, MyFOXPhoenix reported.

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