Illinois Mother Leaves Newborn Baby in Trash Pile After Giving Birth in Ambulance

The mother of a 2-week-old infant who abandoned the child in a trash pile last month has been charged with reckless conduct and endangering the life of a child.

Police Chief Thomas Wolfe said Thursday 21-year-old Adriana Garcia was found by detectives at her mother's home in Mt. Prospect. Wolfe said detectives used records of phone calls Garcia made from a hospital where she and the baby had been taken before the abandonment to find her.

Police had said the woman they were seeking had gone into labor on the street and given birth in an ambulance.

Both the mother and baby were admitted to Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights. The mother was released Sept. 18, the baby on Sept. 29 to the care of her mother. Police said it was after that Garcia abandoned the infant, who is now in foster care.