British Man Sentenced to Prison for Hacking Wife to Death Over Facebook Status

A British man who killed his wife with a meat cleaver because she changed her Facebook status to "single" was sentenced to at least 14 years in a U.K. prison Friday, the Daily Mail reported.

Wayne Forrester, 35, was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine when he drove to their family home and murdered his wife, Emma, as she slept in her bed. The couple had recently separated and Forrester felt humiliated when Emma changed her relationship status to single on Facebook.

The police were called amid Emma’s screams for her life. Wayne emerged from the house, drenched in blood and gripping a carton of juice when the police arrived. Holding his stained hands out for handcuffs, the Mail Online reports he told police, "Who called you? My wife is in there. I killed her."

When the police found Emma’s butchered body, the Mail reports she had multiple head and neck wounds, her arms badly bruised from defending her husband's blows. Clumps of her hair were trailing the hall outside the bedroom and two banister rails had been broken off.

"The whole incident seemed a blur. I felt I was watching somebody else attacking Emma," the Mail reports Forrester said in his defense.

"Your wife ended the relationship. Your reaction was one of anger and resentment,” said Common Serjeant of London Brian Barker QC, reports the Mail Online. “There is no possible excuse or justification.”

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