Two British women who have known each other 30 years were stunned to discover they are sisters.

Deborah Day was adopted when she was two months old — separating her from big sister Marilyn Morris.

They met again as teenagers working in a supermarket and became friends — but had no idea they were related.

They lost touch again but the truth finally came to light when their oldest sister Sally Griffiths launched a search for her lost family.

At a reunion Deborah, 44, and Marilyn, 45, were shocked to discover they were more than friends.

They live within a mile of each other in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, and even send their children to the same school.

“When we worked together we realized we were similar,” Day said. “But I never imagined Marilyn was my sister. We’ve got years of catching up to do and we’re enjoying every minute.”

Marilyn added: “Debbie and I look so alike. It’s wonderful because we have such a great family now. All our children are friends.”

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