Study: Men to Blame for Women's Fluctuating Waistlines

It looks like women have something else to blame their men for – gaining weight.

A study analyzing the ups and downs a female's weight cycle found that happiness – or the lack thereof – greatly affected a woman’s waistline, London's Daily Mail reported Thursday.

The report found that females gained and lost weight in five stages.

The first stage resulted in an average loss of five pounds when a relationship first begins. But, things start to go downhill from there, according to the Mail.

When a woman gets comfortable with their partner, they start to pack on the pounds. Wedding plans also send the scales tipping as women try to lose weight before their big day. The arrival of a baby then reverses that weight loss, followed by diet plans to lose that weight.

The study, done by the U.K. weight management form, involved 3,000 women and found weight varied an average of 28 pounds during the five stages.

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