Paris Hilton Gets Snubbed by Prince Harry

Britain’s Prince Harry reportedly ignored hotel heiress Paris Hilton when the two ended up at the same London club, the Daily Mail reported.

When Hilton arrived in the Whisky Mist's VIP area around 2 a.m., she found Princes Harry and William also there.

But, when Paris headed over to Harry's table where he was sitting with two male friends, he snubbed her, the British newspaper reported.

'It was quite funny to watch," one onlooker told the Daily Mail. "Harry clearly didn't want to speak to her but she did a sexy dance in front of him and he finally stood up to shake her hand. He then just wandered off, and Paris looked a bit annoyed."

After being dissed by one royal prince she moved on to his brother William, where she repeated her dance routine, and pulled his attention away from the blonde girl he had been talking to, the newspaper reported.

Hilton snatched an open seat next to him, but the Daily Mail reported William left shortly after.

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